Movie Review:Jaane tu... ya Jaane na

I watched the movie today,exactly a week after its release,at PVR Priya and I feel like writing about it(unlike Love Story 2050 which was way too predictable,combined with ordinary acting and dialogue delivery).

Jaane Tu.. doesn't have any extraordinary script.If you look back at the movies that have released(especially with actors making their debut) you'll find a lot of similarity.Its a typical college romance but what makes the movie worth every penny you spend on it is the way in which a simple story has been narrated.All the characters fit in their roles naturally.Genelia has got a refreshing break from the childish image she used to have and I'm sure she must already have got more offers!

Imran Khan is this simple,sweet, typical chocolate boy many girls would be drooling over by now.He looks as if he had got his name written all over that role.The casting of the movie starts in a rather unusual way,with images of couples of all ages.Honestly,I couldnt get what exactly they tried to show,can only guess..
Anyways,once the movie starts, you get glued to your seats.Never once during the movie did I feel like running out, though the script was somewhat predictable.
It's got everything except fight sequences, i.e. emotional scenes,college romance and an adequate dose of quality,situational humour.

After all,if Aamir Khan decided to produce this one so he must have been convinced by the quality.

The movie isn't perfect,as is the case with all the Hindi movies,as it defies logic a few times,one of it was: For majority of first half the story was based in college but I can't remember any classroom scenes or for that matter,any prof!!

But then, you wouldn't like any Hindi movie if you start searching for logic in each one of them,would you?

To cap it off, Jaane Tu.. is running full four shows at PVR Priya for second successive week and if I remember correctly, the last movie to have achieved this was Kal Ho Naa Ho.. so that should tell you something about the response of the audience.

Various Artists - American Idol: Greatest Moments

American Idol Greatest Moments is the first American Idol soundtrack from the original season of American Idol. It contains two cover songs from Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, the winner and runner-up of the original season, one song from the remaining eight finalists, one song by all the finalists, and Kelly Clarkson's two songs from her debut single were added as bonus tracks. It is the only album that endorses the winner's single. The album was released on October 1, 2002 and was originally called American Idol Greatest Moments since it was not known whether the series would continue.

1. (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman - Kelly Clarkson
2. Respect - Kelly Clarkson
3. For Once in My Life - Justin Guarini
4. Get Here - Justin Guarini
5. Piece of My Heart - Nikki McKibbin
6. A House Is Not a Home (song) - Tamyra Gray
7. Lately - R. J. Helton
8. Ain't No Sunshine - Christina Christian
9. If You Really Love Me - Ryan Starr
10. My Cherie Amour - A. J. Gil
11. I'll Be - EJay Day
12. Easy - Jim Verraros
13. California Dreamin' - Finalists
Bonus Tracks
14. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
15. Before Your Love - Kelly Clarkson

The Warner Music Ends at Last.FM

Let’s just say, God help you, that some mix of spring fever and midlife crisis made you decide that you simply could not make it through your afternoon without listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” So you click over to Last.FM, because, as an attentive Bits reader, you remember that site, now owned by CBS, is offering to let you listen to any track you want anytime you want to.
Add one more disappointment to your middle-aged life: Earlier this week, Warner Music Group pulled Led Zeppelin songs and hundreds of thousands of other tracks off Last.FM’s service.
Big surprise: The issue is money, according to two executives briefed on the negotiations. When Warner’s contract with Last.FM came up, the label wanted more money than CBS is willing to pay. Warner’s view is the existing deal had “come up short,” said one of the executives. Other similar services, such as Imeem and the forthcoming MySpace Music, offer richer deals, in Warner’s view. (The dispute doesn’t relate to the “Internet radio” aspect of Last.FM, in which users can’t select which exact songs they want to hear.)
Warner is disappointed, the executives said, because Last.FM hasn’t introduced a fee-based subscription service that it had planned to offer. Moreover, the fees related to the existing free service have been far less than it had hoped. Last.FM pays the labels a fee for every track it plays and a percentage of the revenue it earns from advertising displayed while the songs are playing. Warner argues that usage, and thus per-play fees, has been lower than expected. Moreover, it wants a cut of the advertising revenue on any page related to its music—such as discussion about a song—not just on the music player itself.
A Warner spokesman confirmed that the label’s deal with Last.FM has ended. A CBS spokeswoman sent this statement:
We are currently negotiating a new agreement with Warner Music Group and are working hard to build the most comprehensive music service on the Web. While we work things out, be assured that there’s more than enough music to fill a lifetime of listening on, and we are continually adding to it.
CBS renewed its contracts with the other three labels until next year, so this issue for now relates just to Warner, one executive said.
Warner’s pullout was first reported by Silicon Alley Insider.
There is a bit more at stake here than a spat between two media companies over deal terms. I’ve written that the path out of the current dysfunctional state of the music business may well be advertising-supported free music streaming. It’s not clear yet whether any of these services can attract enough users to take a dent out of music piracy. And even if they did, there still seems to be a wide gap between how much money can be earned from advertising and how much the music companies feel they need.
My deep apologies as I drift off on this Friday afternoon humming this to myself:
There’s a label who’s sure all that glitters is gold…

Jannat's Music

Well you believe it or not but Imran has rocked the musical world again by his music from the upcoming movie of Imran Hashmi JANNAT.The two songs namely Zara si Dil me de jagah tu and Char dino ka pyaar have rocked the musical world. The cds and DVD's are available in the market with full songs and remixes.
For the movie, This time Imran will be seen with the newcomer , Miss India, Sonal Chouhan. She might be new to bollywood but has become quite popular with the upcoming movie, Jannat.Imran is all set for the new film to release will be hoping that at least one of his films after Murder gets into the hit list. No matter the movie is making quite a good business from its music. As always the music of any Imran's movie gets into the hit list While it is a very rare thing for Imran Hashmi to get into hit list of movies. Looking at the trailers it seems that the movie is again like Awarapan with some pakistani culture involved in it. It is also releasing in Pakistan. Well lets wait and see what happens when this movie gets released.

IPL T20: Delhi Daredevils won against Hyderabad Deccan Chargers

IPL T20: Delhi Daredevils won against Hyderabad Deccan Chargers

Yesterday very interesting match Delhi Daredevils Vs Hyderabad Deccan Chargers has played Rajiv Gandhi International stadium, Hyderabad. Delhi Daredevils captain Sehwag has played very good game he has given to important role in match won he made not out 94 runs faced 41 balls he hits 6 sixes and 10 boundaries and one more person is also done a good job Shikar Dhawan he played not out 25 runs. Yesterday Hyderabad Deccan Chargers has lost match 9 wickets. Hyderabad Deccan Chargers captain V S Laxman has won the toss and decided to take bat; Deccan Chargers has made 142 runs lost 8 wickets. But Delhi Daredevils side they have only lost Gautam Gambhir wicket he Gambhir has made 12 runs in 9 balls. He lost wicket catch out by Adam Gilchrist in R.P Singh’s ball. This T20 series Delhi Daredevils has continues second victory. Before this match Delhi

Wordpress 2.5

So I’ve got several different sites running on Wordpress and about a week ago I started upgrading all of them to version 2.5. I really like the upgrade so far, the admin interface is taking a little bit to get used to but overall I really like it. Now all of my sites seem to be doing fine with the upgrade with the exception of one that I noticed was having massive permalink problems.

This is actually site running of the popular wordpress ebay plugin called PhpBay and I highly recommend it for building some great niche ebay sites to make some cash. It’s the best $49 that I’ve spent in awhile to generated some solid profits.

So I’ve got a few sites running this plugin but only one seems to be having problems with the permalink structure. I’m really not sure what the issue is because some of the permalinks work and others that should be working are pointing to 404 errors that the post is not there. In addition I’ve got lots of other plugins running as well and I’ve made sure they’re all compatible with 2.5, disabled them, and nothing seems to fix the problem. At this point I’m probably going to restructure the whole site anyway to take advantage of some SEO stuff that I overlooked the first time around, but this is still very frustrating because I cannot figure out what seems to be causing this.

If anyone else has had any problems like this I’d definitely love to hear the solution that you’ve come up with. I’m honestly just thinking that something crazy happened during the upgrade since this is the only site that it happened on.

Do you Believe in Magic?

It is no surprise that Ben Stein, a former speech writer for Richard Nixon, is willing to make patently false statements in order to attempt to win an argument. Stein was able to state, with a straight face, that the famous "Deep Throat" who gave inside information that led to the revelations of the gross misconduct of the Nixon Administration, was in fact a "fabrication of Bob Woodward". Of course Ben Stein has only one expression, so his ability to lie easily should come as no surprise. The Nixon insider whose conscience led him to choose his country over his political loyalties was later revealed to be a very real person, much to Stein's embarrassment.

Ben Stein continued, unabashed, following the motto of Lucy Van Pelt whom he resembles in more than one way..."If you can't be right...Be Wrong at the top of your Voice!"

With that in mind, Stein has decided to shill for Creationism and the Intelligent Design advocates, and he has done very well financially as a result. Does he believe that stuff? I doubt it very much...It's just another good gig for Stein in his role as a lobbyist for the Right Wing Christian movement, an oddity in and of itself since Ben Stein is a Jew.

Stein is an accomplished writer of propaganda and is very good at making things seem like something other than they are by presenting opinion and hyperbole as fact. After seeing the financial success of Michael Moore's movies, he came up with the idea of making a "documentary" attacking Darwinism, which he calls a brilliant theory with huge flaws. Just so you know, Darwinism is not a theory, it is a label given to people who understand the scientific framework of Darwin's theory, "On the Origin of Species" by those who do not understand a damned thing.

Stein equates Darwinism with eugenics and Nazism in a tortured ruse of blather: "Darwinism was very popular with Hitler's Nazi party, who explicitly said life is about the survival of the fittest. [That] led to horrible consequences." (Newsweek interview April 14, 2008)

Hitler also claimed to be a devout Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. Stein censored that information from his movie, which although he claims it is a "documentary" is nothing of the sort. It is simply another propaganda piece that censors factual information and presents wishful thinking and exaggerated claims in its place. By Stein's reasoning, Christianity would be evil.

Ben Stein's movie, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" will be released on April 18, 2008. Several of the people interviewed have already come forward and claimed to have been misquoted, after seeing screenings of the movie. Several scientists who are attacked in Stein's movie have been forcibly ejected from screenings even though they had tickets.

The premise of the movie is that the Scientific and academic communities refuse to allow creationists and ID'ers to be heard because they want to suppress a valid scientific theory. This has been debunked by every single court case and every single peer review panel that has ever considered either one. Academians who present any of the forms of creationism as science are not dismissed because of their religious beliefs...They are dismissed because they are simply lousy scientists and cannot reason fact from fiction nor evidence from belief.

The absurdity that Ben Stein is trying to make a case for is no more valid than trying to make people believe that Presbyterianism, for instance, is a science just like Mathematics. Science and Belief are simply two different things. "Science" is how we know that magic is an obvious conclusion unreachable through any system of "Belief".

All Magicians know that there is no such thing as "Magic"...Stein wants to present magic as a valid science and is willing to lie in order to create this illusion. Just remember...Magicians don't really saw people in half. If you fall for the illusion and the "Belief" that it can be done, somebody will get hurt.